This page contains DEMO versions of firmware for the various projects. If you wish to purchase full version of firmware please deposit the funds in to my PayPal account (PayPal AccountID: or submit your request through this page. If you are depositing funds using PayPal please include the name of the project in the information field as well as your email address so I can email you the firmware.

Please do not request .ASM files as I do not make my source code available to general public.

IMPORTANT: I do not provide refunds. The firmware is provided as is with no warranty. You are welcome to download the FREE Demo version to evaluate and make decision on purchase of FULL release firmware.


Universal Temperature Controler Free Universal Temperature Controller Demo firmware V1.8 - Full version available from Circuit Domain Shop.

Remote Control Server Free Remote Control Server Demo firmware V1.0 - Full version available from Circuit Domain Shop.

DigiMax Tester Download latest firmware V1.1 from Circuit Domain Shop.


Free Remote Control Server application V1.0













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